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Our Mission


Our Mission- Our mission at TSR is to develop our employees to help them become successful and progress, maintain a positive attitude to their role to go on to achieve their goals. We believe in treating people fairly, equally and ensuring a positive working environment.

Our Vision- Our vision at TSR is to create high quality gourmet hot dogs and burgers at an affordable price. We strive to create a high spec dining experience for all our guests. Customer service is at the heart of our organisation and we value all feedback as a tool to constantly improve.

Our Values- Our values at TSR are to always be honest and transparent, professional at all times. Be committed, dedicated and work hard.

Our Goals- Our goals at TSR are to deliver on all of our promises, to guarantee results and to welcome you back.

Our Objectives:

·        Value our customers and staff.

·        Provide insight and key information.

·        Keep improving and looking for new ideas.

·        Achieve results.

·        Always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Future of TSR- Our future at TSR is bright. Now we have perfected our menu and brand we are ready to expand to new locations. This will create new opportunities for progression & development for new Team members to Management.

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